What’s Trending Now: Layered Necklaces

I love trends. Well, most trends. I’m definitely one to experiment with new fashion trends unless it involves running around town showing my nips in a see-through ensemble or wearing army boots. That’s where I’ll draw the line. A lot of trends come and go but one that I think is always OK to wear layered necklaces. Luckily, layered necklaces is super trendy at the moment!

What’s cool is that a lot of stores and boutiques already sell necklaces that come layered, but sometimes it’s fun to just create a layered masterpiece on your own!

Here are my 3 tips for layering necklaces:

  1. Consider your neckline. If you are wearing a top or dress that emphasizes your neck and chest, you can get away with statement piece necklaces. Also, if you are wearing neutral colors, you can also wear louder, bigger necklaces and really layer to the extreme. If you’re wearing a top or dress with a lot of colors, patterns or interesting textures (i.e. fuzzy sweaters) I would not wear a necklace and maybe just sport some simple earrings instead.
  2. Different weights are good. You don’t want your necklaces to be a bunch of skinny chains as they can easily turn into a tangled mess. *I think we’ve all experienced a frustrating moment trying to untangle a delicate necklace.* You also don’t want to wear a ton of heavy, thick necklaces with lots of beads and pendants as your neck could look weighed down. Mix & match with skinny and thick for an eye-appealing (and comfortable) look.
  3. Cascading is key. Each necklace should be a different length. Start with something short- even a choker will work- and work your way down with different lengths. I love pairing short necklaces with super long necklaces that hit the top of my abdomen.

I can’t wait to see what other fashion trends will start as we get closer to the end of 2019!


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