What Meditation Has Done For Me

Ever since I’ve been weening myself off of my anxiety meds, I have been incorporating meditation into my life. The results so far have been pretty shocking.

I’ve always heard about how meditation has so many health benefits but it also requires a lot of practice. People don’t immediately wake up with zero anxiety and feel super content after only experimenting with meditation twice. It truly takes practice but little by little, you will see and feel the benefits. I’ve dabbled with meditation on and off for the last year or so, but I didn’t actually begin to take it seriously and really try until I realized that it was finally time to get off of my anxiety meds and try things the natural way.

People assume when someone has anxiety or depression that something bad is happening in that person’s life. Sure, there is definitely anxiety and depression that arises in certain circumstances or situations but for me, it seemed out of the blue and not knowing what the cause was really made me feel even more upset and bothered.

I know everyone is different and all cases/circumstances vary from person to person. However, I think the anxiety/anti-depressant medication actually had more of a negative effect rather than a positive effect on me. In the beginning, I did feel as though it was working and it definitely helped with my OCD, but as time went on, it made feel less and less like myself.

After much thought and several emotional breakdowns, I made the decision to ween myself off the anxiety medication and focus on my mental & emotional healing in a natural way. I have to say, I feel better than ever and a lot of it has to do with taking the time to meditate each morning.

The 5 main things meditation has done for me (and could do for you!):

  1. Reduces stress. There are so many reasons why someone can be stressed out… work, relationships, finances, not feeling like there’s ever enough time… I could go on and on. In this day and age where everyone is moving so fast and we are constantly communicating through technology, it can be super easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed. Meditation really makes you put things into perspective and realize that you don’t need a cell phone in your hand with the world at your fingertips to feel content. Sometimes it’s all about sitting in the quiet and really listening to what your heart is telling you.
  2. Controls anxiety. This is huge for me… obviously. Anxiety affects 40 million adults in the U.S. That’s pretty insane. Why is it so common I wonder? I love how meditation can really make me slow down my racing thoughts and help me to breathe…
  3. Enhances self awareness. Meditation not only helps to reduce the bad things but it also enhances and promotes the good things. Being self aware is so important because how do we actually know we are happy and healthy if we aren’t self aware? Meditation gives you the opportunity to check in with yourself.
  4. Promotes emotional health. This is huge for me because during my anxiety attacks, I become extremely emotional. It really worried me when I was crying at just about everything and anything. I knew something was off. Meditation has truly helped me remain more emotionally stable (for lack of better terms) and overall happier.
  5. Helps generate kindness. Who doesn’t enjoy kindness? Being nice is cool, y’all.

You may be asking yourself “How do I meditate?” Well, its very simple. All you need to do is find a quiet spot – somewhere in your home, somewhere in nature, anywhere that you feel safe, calm & comfortable- and just take 10 minutes to yourself to breathe and solely focus on your breathing. Naturally, thoughts will come and go but don’t become frustrated when your mind wanders… simply acknowledge each thought and let it go like clouds passing in the sky. 

One of my favorite meditation apps is the Calm app. I highly recommend it for anyone who needs help getting into the groove of meditation. I hope it works for you like it has worked for me. Remember it takes practice and you will fall more and more in love with meditation over time.




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