Victoria Beckham, aka Posh Spice, Answers 73 Questions About Herself [Video]

She’s married to one of the sexiest men in the world, has four adorable children, and knows the ins and outs of fashion, but Victoria Beckham doesn’t seem to smile a lot.  In this video she answers 73 questions about her herself, her family, and fashion.  You may chuckle as she reveals what initially attracted her to David.

I love Vogue Videos because you get to see these fast-paced, interesting interviews between the same interviewer and his celeb interviewees.  I think the majority of us know who the Spice Girls are, right?  Posh Spice was one of my favorites because she was serious, fierce, and always rocked the sky-high heels.  Don’t worry, she will address her Posh Spice fashion days in this video.

There you have it. She is still as serious and fierce as ever, and that’s why we love her. I need a trip to London asap!

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