The Top 5 Best Austin Restaurants… Based On Biased But Trustworthy Opinions

If you’ve ever visited Austin, you know it’s a hip city filled with a bunch of millennials, good music, outdoor activities, and lots of amazing places to eat. Mitch and I LOVE going out to dinner whenever we have the time and money… it’s pretty much our favorite past-time.

My favorite thing to do with Mitch is going out for dinner and drinks. I don’t know if it’s because we love and appreciate the food industry since we are a part of it, or just because we really love good food and cocktails. Either way, we try to go on a nice date at least once a month. I remember when Mitch and I first started dating… every date consisted of dinner and drinks. We would always go somewhere to eat because we could always relate and talk about food. I’m so happy things haven’t changed between us. We try our best to make time (and save our money) to go out to dinner with one another. Whether it’s a fancy night out at a 5 star restaurant or something more casual like tacos and margaritas, I know we will always enjoy dining out with each other.

This post isn’t about Mitch and I although it seems to be… gosh, I love him so much… this post is more about our favorite, top 5 restaurants we would recommend to anyone who is traveling to Austin and has never been. I don’t mean to sound brash but my opinion on where to go eat is very valid. 🙂

These 5 Austin restaurants are worth every cent and every bite!

  1. Odd Duck

    Our favorite favorite favorite place to go eat. We love it so much that this is the place we are having our rehearsal dinner at in a few short weeks. Mitch and I have been dining at Odd Duck ever since we started dating 4 years ago! What we love so much about this restaurant is that it’s truly… well… odd. Every plate, glass and piece of flatware is different from the other. The menu is unique in that it takes ingredients that may seem “trashy” (for lack of better terms) and turn it into a masterpiece. For example, I remember a dish they had with corn nuts in it. Everything they create- the food & cocktails- is so delicious and simply cool.

  2. Matt’s El Rancho.

    This place is an Austin establishment! The first time I dined at Matt’s El Rancho was when my older brother was graduating from St. Edwards in 2011. I wasn’t living in Austin at the time but I remember going to Matt’s and sitting in one of their very large rooms which was packed with so many people. The service staff was executing dinner service without missing a beat. The food is always consistently delicious. I  highly recommend an order of their Bob Armstrong queso and Matt’s Knockout Mexican Martini.

  3. Komé.

    If you love Japanese food, amazing sushi & sashimi, and the best gyoza dumplings, you’re in for a treat. Komé has such an interesting menu with foods for those who are more adventurous eaters or those who just want something battered in tempura and fried. There is something for everyone on the menu! If you do go, please please please order the Komé fries which are paired with a honey wasabi aioli… you won’t believe your tastebuds.

  4. La Barbecue.

    Many people visit Austin to get their hands on one thing:  good BBQ. Most people only consider Franklin’s when they think about barbecue in Austin and although Franklin’s is very very good, La Barbecue is equally as good and less of a hassle to actually get your hands on. You don’t have to stand in line for days to taste fall-off-the-bone meat which has been smoked for hours upon hours. Ok, maybe I’m being a little dramatic about waiting that long but La Barbecue also offers delicious and well-know BBQ. Their brisket is like none I’ve ever tried… give me that with a bowl of mac & cheese and I’m one happy girl.

  5. Red Ash.

    I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t love Italian food- pasta to be specific- as I  don’t believe that person exists. There’s just something so comforting and cozy about a big bowl of pasta with a glass of wine. Red Ash has it all figured out with their wood fire grill and house made pastas. I  highly recommend the 50 day dry age Porterhouse which is grilled to perfection and topped with a dollop of butter for the perfect steak juice & butter emulsion.

Going out to eat is a privilege and should be enjoyed with those closest to you. Make a reservation somewhere new or at one of your favorite restaurants to dig in!



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