The Benefits of Olive Oil

When we think of olive oil, we usually think of something that we use to cook with. However, olive oil is a special ingredient because when used for health and beauty reasons, it packs major benefits. I have recently started taking olive oil shots a few times a week and let me just say, as weird as it may seem, it provides significant results.

Olive oil can be used to help prevent and control many health ailments such as lowering cholesterol, fighting infection and disease, weight gain, and poor digestion. Plus, because of the monounsaturated fatty acids packed in olive oil, it nourishes our skin from the inside out. I noticed a softer, glow-ier complexion just ONE day after taking an olive oil shot. Not kidding.

Digestion stimulation is important because on a daily basis, many of us eat and consume so many things that aren’t always the easiest to digest. Chips and queso for a snack? I wouldn’t say that’s the best thing to eat to promote digestion and a healthy colon. Here’s the thing:  the better we can digest our food, the faster we can eliminate it out of our system and keep our metabolism moving. Olive oil substantially helps digestion by acting as a lubricant to aid in quickly processing and eliminating the foods we eat. While taking olive oil shots helps us eliminate waste, we must still eat a diet that is natural and nutritious.

Olive oil also encourages weight loss. As you probably already know, olive oil is a pure form of fat. Healthy fat will help burn fat. That’s why many low-carb diets suggest eating a handful of almonds or other healthy nuts, half of an avocado, or fish such as salmon or tuna to cure hunger and give you the omega 3’s and fatty acids you need to keep going. Carbs will simply spike your sugar and energy levels only for a short amount of time.

Olive oil reduces the risk of heart disease because of all of the monounsaturated fats! The FDA actually allows olive oil manufacturers to label olive oil as a healthy heart-booster on labels. One Tablespoon of olive oil a day will go a long way.

I don’t think I would order an olive oil shot at a restaurant before dinner but when I’m cooking at home, I’ll throw one back before eating. It isn’t an unpleasant shot as it goes down super smoothly. Start adding olive oil shots to your diet and see how you begin to feel- and look! You will definitely notice a change in your complexion and hair. Cheers!


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