Brand New Clothes In Need Of A Home!

Going through my closet is probably one of my favorite things to do. If you don’t know me, I suffer from OCD behavior. Not the crazy bad OCD where I touch the door lock a million times or count how many kernels of cat food each of my cats get. I have the OCD where I love to organize -especially my home. My closet is the main space where I need everything to be perfecto.

I think I was a cleaning lady or professional organizer in my past life. If everything else fails, I think I could make a good living organizing and decorating people’s homes. Everything in my closet is color-coordinated and everything has its place. My poor fiancé only gets 1/4th of the closet space as I have a little more than he does… and when I say a little I mean a LOT.

This is why it’s good to clean up and get rid of things I don’t wear anymore. All of my clothes are in pretty mint condition; therefore, I want to be able to sell the clothes that are designer or still have tags. If it’s a ratty t-shirt or pair of old blue jean shorts, I will happily donate to Goodwill or the Salvation Army. But an old Marc Jacobs handbag?! Come on… I can try to get some cash for that.

These are the following things I would love to sell. These clothes are fun, sexy, comfortable and there is something for every season! As I was trying them on I had to second guess if I should keep them or not.. You can shop these looks yourself on either Tradesy or Poshmark Apps! 

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