Positivity Is Key

I am beat. Literally, I have not stopped since I’ve gotten back from last weekend’s vacation.  Maybe it’s karma coming at me because I took a quick vacation, but nonetheless, I am tired. My routine has been out of whack.  I’ve been waking up later than usual because I’ve been working late and I hate not having my set routine because I am so regimental and OCD.  Through all of the tiredness, I just keep telling myself to remain positive and this will all pay off. What other option do I have?

I have quickly learned that working in the food industry requires a robotic, let’s-get-it-done attitude.  There are no set schedules or times; you work until the job gets done.  Fortunately, I like this because I can’t imagine having a desk job and sitting around all day long.  I am the type of person that likes to keep going and moving.  However, working long hours along with going to school takes a toll on me because I am use to getting my beauty rest at night, waking up early to work out, and conquering the rest of my daily duties.  I do love getting this experience and learning more about food and producing quality food, but I do miss my personal routines. I have no clean towels or fresh groceries at home and I haven’t washed my hair since Monday night. Thank goodness for dry shampoo. (Detox by DryBar is the best)  Don’t worry, I will be washing my hair this morning. I have a new respect for single moms and dads who work all day and still find time to spend quality time with their children and take care of other responsibilities. Also, I respect my fellow peers at school who are putting themselves through school while maintaining a full-time job. I am so thankful that my parents support me and financially help me out until I am making enough of my own money.

Having a positive attitude is what keeps me going.  It is what keeps me in good spirits when I feel like cursing and giving up.  I have to remind myself that I moved to Austin for one specific reason and that reason was to excel. I began culinary school fully knowing and understanding all of the work we have to accomplish outside of school, as well. It’s definitely been a whirlwind, but this is valuable experience I will always remember.  Our minds are so powerful because they can tell our bodies to keep going and pushing through. It’s like a strenuous workout- sometimes we think our bodies have had enough and we want to give up, but if we push a little longer our bodies can begin an entirely new pace. Your mind is a very powerful tool- use it wisely.

When all of this done and over with, I may end up hating cooking, but I will be one hell of a cook. Have a good weekend, everyone!

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