Pineapple/Mango Dreamsicle Popsicles


You know Summer is in full bloom when you start sweating in places where you normally don’t sweat. Here in Texas, it is HOT. If I could, I would jump into a cold creek in nothing but my skivvies every day but unfortunately, I can’t. However, I can eat cold, delicious treats to help me get through this blazing summer heat.

Mangos and pineapples are the fruit of the season so I want to utilize them in every way that I can. I figured making a delicious and creamy popsicle with the two fruits would be instant relief while combatting the high temperatures. What’s better is the fact that this treat is healthy and won’t sabotage your swimsuit body. For me, it tastes like a delicious sno-cone on a stick. Give this recipe a try and bring it to your next pool party or just have on hand for these hot summer days.

For this recipe you will need:

3 mangoes, pitted and peeled

1 pint pineapple chunks

1 1/4 c. almond milk

1/2 c. nonfat vanilla-flavored Greek yogurt

1 Tbsp granulated sugar (more or less) to taste, optional

In a blender, blend the mangoes, pineapple, almond milk, and Greek yogurt until smooth. Pour into popsicle trays and place in the freezer for 15-20 minutes, or until the mixture slowly begins to harden. Place the popsicle stick into the center of the popsicle and return to the freezer for several hours. Voila!


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