Oh Hi… It’s Me Again!

It has been SO long since I’ve posted on my blog. 9 months to be exact!! There has been so much going on lately and I honestly couldn’t stomach adding another thing (even if it’s something I love doing!) to my already jam-packed schedule. It’s not that things have slowed down as of recently, but I have truly missed blogging and sharing all of my recipes. So without further ado, let me reintroduce myself!!!

To those who have kept up with my blog – thank you and my sincere apologies for leaving you in the dark. To those who may be new and reading one of my posts for the very first time, welcome! I’m so glad to have you here and hope that you can take something positive away with you after leaving my site.

I started my blog almost 8 years ago simply because I love cooking and sharing my recipes with others. Cooking has always been very therapeutic for me and unfortunately, I haven’t been doing much of it these last few months due to a number of reasons. Firstly, we moved from Austin to The Woodlands beginning of last year to start our new catering venture. (We being my husband, Mitch, and I.) Since we moved during the pandemic while neither of us were officially “working,” we knew finances would be tight so my in-laws were generous enough to lend us their lake condominium while we continued to save money to eventually purchase our first home. Now I know this may sound silly, but it’s not always easy living somewhere (even if it’s on the lake!) without having any of your belongings for almost 9 months… The first few months were great since it felt like an extended vacation. However, over time, I started to feel more and more on edge and anxious to get our own place. Going from a decently-sized townhouse to an apartment got old very quickly. I lost my desire to create new recipes, cook and blog.

On top of being in a temporary home, I came down with the shingles virus. Yes, shingles. Don’t think that you have to be 50+ to break out with shingles because it happened to me at 30 years of age. Since having shingles in March, I have been dealing with it on and off while experiencing occasional flare-ups so it’s been very stressful and frustrating for me. I recently received the first dose of the shingles vaccine so hopefully I can start to see some relief very soon.

Last but not least, Mitch and I started our brand new catering business so as you can imagine that has taken up so much time, effort, and creativeness that I had nothing left to give at the end of the day. Our new company is called ESSEN Catering and it’s everything we have ever dreamed of! After working for so many catering companies, hotels and restaurants, we finally have our very own business. Even though it’s very challenging and scary sometimes, we are very excited to grow our business and brand.

Last month, we bought and moved into our first home and let me tell ya, it feels SO good to have all of our things back! To finally have a place I can call home has greatly put my stress at ease. This housing market is hot right now, y’all! So we are very fortunate we found something we both liked and that was in our budget.

I hope to get back into cooking and sharing my recipes very soon! I have some amazing dishes in the works and I can’t wait to share with the world. Here’s to 2022 and doing things we love to do!


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