I’ve always been the kind of person who can eat even when I’m not particularly hungry and at any time of the day. I just love and appreciate food, but I still work hard to maintain my figure. Snacking at night is something I’ve always had a little problem with, but I have learned that as long as I’m not overdoing it, there’s no point in feeling guilty about it.

I want to share what I usually snack on when those late night cravings hit me. Here are my 5 favorite (and fairly healthy) late night snacks I enjoy munching on:

Marich Chocolates Marich Chocolates are my favorite because they are little crunchy bites of heaven. The salted cashews covered in dark chocolate really give me the sweet and salty flavor I often crave in the later hours of the day. Usually a small handful does the trick for me!

Sconza Candies Another delicious, candy-covered nut. Sconza Candies‘ limoncello-covered almonds are another one of my favorites because they have a sweet, creamy, lemony flavor that you just can’t get elsewhere. I always keep these in my candy jar.

Silk Almond Milk I’ve always been a big dairy eater but I had to cut back because I started having some lactose intolerant symptoms after consuming dairy. So, I made the switch to almond milk and to be honest, it wasn’t difficult at all. Silk’s Dark Chocolate Almond Milk really helps my cravings for full-fat , 20% chocolate milk.


cherries Cherries are a great thing to much on when you are mindlessly eating in front of the tv. First of all, they keep you occupied because you have to chew around the pit and spit it out and secondly, cherries contain fabulous health benefits such as reducing inflammation and belly fat, supporting a healthy sleep cycle, and lowering risk of stroke.

20151116_SG_PouchBag_TrufflesAlmond_Front_1024x1024 The SkinnyGirl brand is highly successful for one big reason: Β it markets to women like myself who want to indulge without all of the guilt afterwards. These little dark chocolate truffles are so delicious and satisfying. I always keep these stashed in my pantry!





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