My 5 Fave and Inexpensive Wines


Wine is my go-to alcoholic beverage of choice. I enjoy a glass (or two) of wine most evenings because there is nothing more relaxing and comforting than pouring a glass of wine while I cook myself a yummy dinner. It’s the little things in life. I want to share my five, fave wines that I find quite delicious and won’t put a dent in your wallet.

Wine is great when paired with certain foods because it really can make the biggest difference when you have a wine that matches so well with whatever you’re eating. I know people always think to drink white wine when eating chicken and fish and red wine when eating red meat but that’s not necessarily true. For example, if you’re eating a hearty and buttery salmon filet, you don’t want a sweet wine like a Riesling to accompany it. You want to drink something more on the tart or bitter side to cut the fat of the salmon like a Pinot Noir.

Here are my go-to wines that I hope you will love too:

  1. Ménage a Trois White is a blend of three, sexy, single, and fun grapes. Because Ménage a Trois, right?!?!  I enjoy drinking this wine whenever and wherever. I love to use it in my white wine sauces and white wine pasta dishes. It really has the best flavors to accompany most foods. This wine sells for around $10.
  2. Ménage a Trois Red is absolutely delicious and not too bold like most red wines. I wasn’t a huge red wine drinker until I discovered this baby, and now, it is one of my favorites that I always have in my kitchen. Paired with grilled meats or chicken is the perfect way to enjoy a glass alongside your meal. You can find this wine in most (if not all) grocery stores for around $10.
  3. Firestone Riesling gives your palate just the right amount of sweetness. The apple, lemon, and mandarin flavors will match perfectly with a hot and spicy chili. Sells for around $15.
  4. Josh Cabernet Sauvignon has become one of my new, favorite red wines. It has more of a darker flavor with rich accents of oak, cinnamon, clove, and dark fruits. It has the perfect finish with distinctive, firm tannins. I would pair this wine with beef, lamb and pork. Typically sells for around $11.99.
  5. The Velvet Devil Merlot is super smooth and super delicious. The flavor is quite unique with hints of blackberry jam, a cherry creaminess, and a soft, balanced mouth-feel that will make your palate sing. I like to drink this with a variety of foods like pizza, tomato-based pasta dishes, charcuterie and cheese boards, and even spicy dishes like jambalaya. The devil doesn’t play around. Sells for about $12.99.

BONUS WINES:  Trefethen Chardonnay:  This wine was recommended to me by a friend because I do love my Chardonnays. Chardonnay makes for a great cooking wine and even though this one is a little pricey ($36), it has delicious flavors of green apple, nutmeg, honeysuckle, and clove. The balance of flavors makes this wine a great match for poultry and seafood.

Kris Pinot Grigio is one of my favorites because I love a subtle white wine. Pinot Grigio is usually my go-to and with this wine, the delicious accents of flowers, fruit, and almonds makes for a perfect glass. Pair it with seafood such as shrimp, clams, oysters, or a seafood paella or stew. Kris typically sells for around $11.99.

Hopefully you can match your favorite wine with your favorite meal to create the ultimate, palate-pleasing experience. Cheers!

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