My 10 Day Challenge Review

Thursday (Valentine’s Day) was officially our last day of the 10 Day Challenge. I have to admit… we did enjoy a couple glasses of wine on V-Day just to celebrate but overall, I would say we followed the rules very exactly. Let’s just say I will definitely participate in this challenge again.

The 10 Day Challenge consists of a strict diet which only includes the consumption of proteins, nuts & seeds, and certain vegetables. There is a long list of what not to eat like any sugars (cane sugar, honey, agave, etc.), carbs, fruits, and starchy vegetables such as potatoes, winter squash, corn, etc.

The first few days were a little tough as my body was definitely feeling the effects of consuming zero sugar. It’s crazy to read the back of labels and ingredients lists as everything (I mean everything!) has sugar in it. Things like italian sausage even have corn syrup in them. I also realized that even if it says 0g sugar, you should still read the ingredients list as sugar is sometimes listed (cough cough.. Sriracha).

So in all honesty, YES I would definitely do it again. Mainly because after the first 4 days, I began to feel so amazing. The natural energy my body was running off of was indescribable. It felt like the best natural high. I always thought people were just being over-dramatic when they would say how their body had so much natural energy when participating in strict cleanses and diets but seriously, it was great. Not to mention, I was getting my full 7.5 – 8 hours of sleep each night and waking up feeling ready to go. Even my fiancé who isn’t the best sleeper was having good night’s of sleep.

I highly recommend the 10 Day Challenge for anyone who wants to rid their body of toxins, sugars, carbs and just take a break from anything bad we consume such as too much alcohol. Not to mention, cooking at home instead of going out is a great way to save money and enjoy creating new, delicious dishes.

Good luck!!




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