Meet Me

Hello friend! My name is Jill.

The main reason I started this blog was to share my passion and knowledge for food, health & nutrition, and the importance of taking care of oneself – physically and mentally. When I was younger, I would say that I battled with the way I viewed myself (like most girls do); always critiquing myself and never feeling as confident as I should have felt. As time went on, I learned the importance of self love and fueling my body with what it needs to look and feel strong and empowered. Now, I can say that I feel so good in my skin and it such an amazing feeling. I take the time to listen to my body and give it what it needs to love me in return.

Salt and Pepper 2 Taste is dedicated to old recipes I have always enjoyed cooking and new recipes I learned from my time in culinary school, working in the food industry, and time spent researching food and the new trends that amaze me every day.

I currently live in Austin, TX with my husband who is an amazing chef and spoils me with amazing homemade dinners, and my two furry little kitty cats, Brees and Roux.

Recently, my husband and I started our own business:  Damn.Delicious.ATX.

D.D.ATX is a meal prep and delivery service with catering included for small dinner parties, birthday parties, micro-weddings and so much more!!

Along with delicious, healthy, and satisfying recipes, you will also see some travel posts, my favorite beauty & fitness regimens, and health tips thrown into the mix. I hope you enjoy Salt and Pepper 2 taste!