Meet Breesy and Roux Roux

I never knew that two furry creatures who can act like such devils sometimes, could have such a strong hold on my heart. I’m not sure how I got so lucky to be the cat momma to these two love bugs, but thank you Lord that you selected me! Meet my two felines, Brees and Roux.

Both of my kitty cats are two different breeds but they are both calicos. Fun fact: calico is not a breed, it is simply the color pattern. As you can see, both cats are shades of white, black and tan. Another fun fact: calicos are predominately females as male calicos are sterile; therefore you cannot breed them. So if you have a calico cat, consider yourself lucky!

Breesy girl is 4 years old and she showed up on my porch when I was living in Lafayette, LA. She is named after the New Orleans Saint’s quarterback, Drew Brees. (Who doesn’t love him?) She is the spitting image of me… only she’s a cat. She is sassy, mouthy, moody, and cuddly.

Roux, named after the combination of fat and flour which acts as the base for gumbos, étouffées, etc., is my precious, shy 8 month old kitty. Mitch and I adopted Roux because we wanted Brees to have a companion when we are at work all day. Roux is also quite mouthy and demanding. She is the biggest cuddle bug I have ever met as there isn’t a time she doesn’t want to sit on either me or Mitch.

I don’t know what I would do without these furry little creatures. They make home life so fun and cuddly!




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