Macaron vs. Macaroon: What’s the Difference?

I love a good debate! Macarons vs. macaroons: what’s the difference between the two? Well, quite a bit. I am happy to break it down for you because both delectables deserve some explanation!

I have been wrong pretty much this entire time and I am embarrassed about it! I mean, I went to culinary school after all. I almost feel like it isn’t fully my fault though. I think several menus and some grocery stores also get it wrong as the signage usually says “macaroon.”

A macaroon isn’t the cute little, colorful sandwich cookie we’ve been eating this entire time. A macaron is just that!

Huh? You might be scratching your head. Let’s break it down…

A macaroon (mack-ah-rune) is a coconut-based dessert that takes limited time to make and doesn’t have as many variations as its counterpart does. This is basically the American twist on the French macaron. Its three ingredients are ground coconuts, egg whites and powdered sugar.


A macaron (mack-ah-rohn) is an almond-based dessert that takes some time and practice to nail the recipe. It can range in colors and flavors. These cookies are thought to have been brought from Italy to France. Macaron comes from the Italian word “macaroni.” (Yes, reminds me of the pasta, too.) Its three ingredients are almond flour, egg whites and granulated sugar.




What are the characteristics of each?

A macaroon is lump, dense and sweeter in flavor. It is more crumbly when consuming while a macaron is cleaner and less crumbly to eat, but not as sweet as its counterpart. It has a clean, eggshell-like texture with a soft center.

I plan on experimenting with both recipes so I can provide my feedback on the process of creating each dessert.

I will keep you all posted… Stay tuned!!




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