Knowledge Is Power

The good life is inspired by love and guided by knowledge.”  -Bertrand Russell

I feel like the older I get the more I want to learn and know about everything there is to know.  I have made a conscious effort to listen more closely when people are speaking, read books I wouldn’t normally read, always keep an open mind, and give everything a try at least once.  The phrase “knowledge is power” could not be more true, but at the same time, it is critical to use that knowledge for the greater good.  Educate yourself about food and what you consume on a daily basis, the way your body works, how to take something negative and turn it into a positive, etc.  I truly believe we need to do everything we can do to live a healthy, happy, and positive life.

The tools for success are right in front of us.  The question is, are you ready to be successful?

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