How to Travel Safely, Healthily & With Clean Underwear

My mom has been in town for the last 5 days to help me finalize wedding plans which was so nice because firstly, we don’t get to see each other enough and secondly, I love that she wants to be involved with my wedding plans! However, thanks to Hurricane Barry, her traveling schedule was turned upside down. 

Originally, she was supposed to fly back on Sunday but the airlines notified her that they highly suggest re-booking due to the storm. So, we didn’t take any chances and decided to re-book for Monday afternoon. Then, she gets to the airport 2 hours prior because she’s a good traveler who always shows up way earlier than she needs to, and her flight is delayed by nearly 3 hours.

So, she finally made it to Houston and runs to catch her connecting flight to find out that it is also delayed. UUUGGGGHHH. Talk about miserable. What was supposed to be a total of 3.5 hours of traveling turned into 8 hours.

Finally at 10pm, she made it home. Even though it took longer than planned, the most important thing is that she made it back safely.

Those of you who have dealt with delayed flights (probably everyone), the worry is having enough time to get on the connecting flight to make it to your final destination. Talk about nerve-wracking! All the while this is happening, you are stuck in a loud, sometimes dirty, sticky, cold or hot, smelly, crowded airport. Not ideal. *However I do know people who love to travel and love airports… so more power to them!*

Unfortunately, as humans we can’t control the weather and as travelers, we can’t control airline operations. SO, I try to keep 3 valuable pearls of wisdom in mind when I want to pull my hair out and scream… Believe me, I’m not always the easiest person to travel with. Just ask Mitch… poor guy.

  1. Always make sure you pack a phone and/or laptop charger with you. There’s nothing worse than running low on battery and being stuck on a long delay. If you are like me, you can probably find enough things to do on your phone or laptop to help pass the time. Not only do I suggest keeping your electronics fully charged, bring your own portable charging block. The reason I highly recommend this is that there are new studies indicating that hackers and cyber criminals can download the data off of your phone or computer and install malware. Um, NO thanks! Don’t believe me? Read for yourself here.
  2. Stop snacking. If you want to eat because you’re bored, chug 1 bottle of water first. Then, challenge yourself to go on a hunt for the most healthiest snack the airport offers. Stay away from the McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, and (so damn good) Chick-Fil-A. Traveling already makes me feel gross and blah so adding unnecessary sugars and carbs to the entire mix only makes me feel worse. Usually I can find a Smoothie King or Starbucks to help with any cravings. The snacks I will buy is beef jerky, roasted almonds, RX bar, or lentil chips.
  3. Pack an extra pair of underwear, a toothbrush & toothpaste, and hydrating facial wipes. I’m serious. You just never know how long layovers or delays will last so just try to be prepared. God forbid anyone wear the same pair of undies for 48 hours… Don’t even try to wear your favorite pair of underwear when traveling. Put on full coverage granny panties.. you just don’t know if you may end up having to throw them away. I’m totally serious.

The point is, traveling can just suck sometimes. But, there are ways to be prepared and try to make the best out of each situation. If bad comes to worse and you have a really long delay, just go to the nearest bar and order a cocktail. I’d be lying if I said I’ve never done that. 😉

Safe travels, y’all!



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