How To: Build The Perfect Snack Board

I think the best thing about a snack board is that you can literally make one for any occasion. Holiday, birthday, date night, just because… snack boards are so simple, versatile, convenient and beautiful. I have 3 easy peasy steps to follow when creating and building the perfect snack board.

We recently traveled to Dekalb, Illinois to visit my brother, his wife and their (my niece!) 7 month old baby girl. We had such a lovely time relaxing, eating, and laughing together. I love when we can all get together and have quality time as we don’t live close to each other and only see each other a handful of times a year. Last year, I only saw my brother and his family one time after baby Penny was born since the pandemic ceased all travel. My mom also met us in Dekalb so it was really nice having majority of the family together. The only people we were missing was my Dad and my younger brother and his wife. A yearly family reunion needs to be planned asap!

We were there during St. Patty’s Day so naturally, I wanted to do something festive which involves food. I didn’t want to stress out about cooking a huge Irish meal (although my husband Mitch prepared a homemade corned beef with mash potatoes & cabbage) so I figured a Irish-themed snack board would be perfect. While I was preparing the snack board, I got to thinking about how often I make them, and how much I truly enjoy eating them. When we go out to dinner, if there’s a cheese & charcuterie board to order off a menu, chances are we order it. It’s so fun to nibble on meat & cheese while drinking a glass of wine, am I right?

Building a board- any kind of board- is simple and fun and it all starts with inspiration. I have 3 steps to build the perfect board:

  1. Find Your Inspo.

    What is compelling you to build the board? Is there a birthday or holiday coming up or is it just for fun? Do a little research to see what other people have done. For example, if the board is for a baby shower, think of the colors you can use, cute signage to add, etc. Make a plan and have a picture in mind before you prepare your grocery list to buy what you need.

  2. Gather Your Vessels.

    You can’t build a board if you don’t have an actual board. Make sure you have the right size board or platter along with mini bowls or vessels for dips, spreads, etc. You may also need mini tongs and other serving utensils so your guests aren’t using their hands to pick up difficult-to-eat/sticky foods such as burrata cheese.

  3. Structure Your Board.

    Time to build! Begin by figuring out where you want your bowl of hummus, yogurt, honey, etc. to go before you add food around it. Then, scatter your larger foods such as cheeses & meats first before adding crackers and sliced bread. Then, fill in other gaps of the board with nuts, fruit, fresh herbs and other produce. The key is to make the board look as bountiful and beautifully “messy” as possible. Last step is setting out your cheese knives, toothpick, small spoons, etc so you and your guests can dig in! *Don’t forget to snap a pic of your creation before it’s devoured… phone eats first. 🙂

All in all, have fun! That’s the most important part.



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