Health and Wellbeing

It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold or silver.”  – Mahatma Gandhi

The phrase “Your Body is Your Sanctuary” could not be more true.  We should start thanking our bodies more often for working so hard to keep us healthy, strong, and unique.  Seriously, our bodies never take a day off of work.  While we are sleeping, eating, exercising, bathing, etc. our bodies are constantly doing what they are meant to do to keep us going.  I truly believe one of my main purposes in life is to live a full, active, and healthy life.  Of course, I am human and I make some unhealthy decisions, as well.  Living in the deep South for the majority of my life, I have eaten things that have been deep-fried, smothered in fat, tossed in sugar, and deep-fried again.. and let me tell you, that stuff is finger lickin’ good.  However, too many unhealthy choices have made me felt nauseous and just plain gross.

What we put into our bodies plays a large role into how we feel every day.  You know those people who always seem to be sick?  It is most likely because they are not fueling themselves with the proper nutrients to ward off sickness.  Our immune systems are built to be strong from the food we eat and proper physical activity.  Moreover, unhealthy eating choices also leads to acne, poor sleep, brittle hair, diseases, and so much more.  I’m not saying don’t ever touch that double cheeseburger with special sauce again.  I’m simply saying that we all can try to be more conscientious about what we put into our mouths.

My health and wellbeing tips will help you feel great and look great.  Here you will find beauty tips for your skin,  hair, nails, teeth. etc.  You will also find simple ways to stay fit and feel strong. Just a few, simple changes can make you feel so much better… plus, good looks is also a great bonus!



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