Detox Water

We all know how important drinking water is.  Water keeps our bodies functioning properly, our skin hydrated and glowing, and speeds up our metabolism.  It’s pretty much the best vitamin, mineral, or nutrient we can put into our bodies. However, some of us have a bit of trouble drinking the recommended daily intake of H2O.  Luckily, my detox water will have you sipping it’s deliciousness all day long.

My mother, for example, dislikes drinking plain water.  She doesn’t find any joy or thirst relief in chugging water unless it is flavored with lemons, limes, etc.  This could have to do with the fact that she is European and every time I have been to Germany to visit her family, I hardly ever see anyone drink plain water.  It is either the carbonated water (which I personally cannot stand), juice, coffee, or tea.  So, in an effort to get people like my mom to drink more water, I whipped up a detox water.

Even if you love the taste of water like I do, we still could drink more of it.  There is nothing more satisfying than gulping a glass of water down first thing in the morning, after a strenuous workout, or the morning after a long night filled with alcoholic beverages.  Warm water with lemon is one of my favorites in the morning because it gets the body’s fluids and wastes going.  I know, kind of gross, but drinking warm lemon water first thing in the morning is great for you.

Another huge benefit of drinking water is that it helps maintain proper weight by speeding up the metabolism and controlling calories.  Next time you are “hungry,” drink one glass of water and see if that helps curb your appetite.  A lot of times our bodies misunderstand thirst for hunger.  This tip usually helps me!

All you need for this delicious detox water is a few simple ingredients:

4 cups of cold, filtered water

1 lemon

1 small cucumber

A handful of mint leaves

A handful of blueberries

Combine all ingredients in a pitcher or carafe and enjoy all day long!





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Comments (3)

  • Josh and Jordan 6 years ago Reply

    Jordan and I are about to start making this. Its sounds great.

    S@ltNP3ppa 6 years ago Reply

    It’s so refreshing!!

  • Lauren 6 years ago Reply

    I totally hate plain water and am about to make this NOW! Love it

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