Day 1 of 10 Day Challenge

I do apologize for being so absent these last few weeks. To be honest, after the Saints lost the NFC Championship against the LA Rams, I was heartbroken and unmotivated… ok, I’m being a little dramatic but I was indeed bummed out. Now, I’m feeling deprived as I have just started a 10 Day Challenge. It’s supposed to get better…. I think.

My daily morning routine includes getting up to feed two hungry and demanding cats, fixing my morning cup of delicious Italian coffee, and doing some work on the computer while watching the Today Show before going to the gym. A couple of weeks ago as I was watching Today, they were discussing JLo’s 10 day Challenge and how she challenged Hoda Kotb.

The 10 day challenge includes a strict diet regimen; only consuming protein, healthy fats, nuts & seeds and certain vegetables. I wasn’t nearly as interested in partaking in the challenge until I read how JLo and Hoda felt after they completed the challenge. Then I thought to myself, I don’t know what that feeling is like.

Sure, I live a healthy lifestyle and try my best to eat the most nutritious foods but I would be lying if I said I didn’t drink a few too many glasses of wine during the week or indulge in a big bowl of queso. I’ve never been on a detox or cleanse or diet where I have fully followed through and felt the benefits. I just want my body to get a total re-set.

So, here are is a list of all of the things I am giving up for 10 days:

  • Caffeine (This will be the hardest part for me!!!)
  • Alcohol
  • All sugars including honey, agave, corn syrup, etc.
  • All Fruits
  • Grains & Legumes (pasta, quinoa, bread, rice, oatmeal, lentils, beans, etc)
  • Starchier Vegetables (potatoes, winter squash, corn & peas)
  • All dairy
  • Beverages (soda, fruit juice, energy drinks)
  • Condiments (jams, jellies, ketchup, BBQ sauce, etc.)
  • Any dessert

I will be posting recipes that are allowed during my 10 day challenge. Hopefully these next 10 days fly by with little cravings… although I do feel like I’m having some sugar withdrawals.

To be continued…


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