Celebrating My Birthday… NoLa Style

I had such a fun weekend celebrating my 26th birthday in my home state. We went to the Creole Capital, New Orleans, to eat, explore, see Lil Wayne perform in Champion’s Square, and play!

Another successful birthday down. I have spent countless birthdays celebrating in New Orleans with my friends because the city is  so alive and has so much to offer young, adventurous souls like myself. Being in the food industry, the food scene is so bomb in NoLa so there’s no way I’m not getting my hands on some South Louisiana favorites while I’m there. Along with eating gumbo, oysters, jambalaya, and more New Orleans favorites, we also got the chance to eat at a James Beard Award Winning restaurant, Shaya. Shaya doesn’t serve creole foods like most New Orleans restaurants. Instead, their menu is more modern Israeli-influced and let me just say, there wasn’t one thing on the menu we didn’t enjoy.

Chef Alon Shaya has redefined modern Israeli food with his Israeli upbringing along with using fresh New Orleans ingredients. We ordered a variety of small plates from the menu including falafel, smoked whitefish avocado toast, lamb ragu hummus, curried fried cauliflower hummus, baba ganoush, shipka peppers, chicken schnitzel sandwich, and so much more. It was absolutely amazing! If you’re ever in the New Orleans area, definitely go eat at Shaya.

I guess I was too busy stuffing my face to stop and take pictures of the beautiful plates. However, here are some more pictures of my fun, birthday weekend in the Big Easy:





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