Cashew/Vanilla Butter and Banana Sandwich


If there is one childhood sandwich I love and will always love, it is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Throw some sliced bananas on there and it’s even a bigger party in your mouth. But now, I am giving the classic sandwich a twist with a homemade cashew/vanilla butter- it is uniquely delicious and comforting- just like the pb&j we all know and love.

I find it funny that even though I went to culinary school and have learned so much while working in the food industry, I can still enjoy something as simple as a PB&J. Sure, filet mingnon with garlic whipped mash potatoes and roasted brussel sprouts is also incredibly tasteful, but I can be satisfied with the simple things, too. I guess some thing just never change. The cashew/vanilla butter takes this simple snack to the next level. I can’t explain how creamy and naturally sweet it is and the best part is that you can add it to your smoothies, cookie and ice cream batters, or just eat it by itself!

For this recipe you will need:

Whole wheat bread

Baking sheet of cashews, about 4 cups

1 Tbsp (or more depending on preference) of real vanilla extract

Banana slices

Natural honey

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Bake the cashews for about 10-12 minute, until they start to turn golden brown and smell roasted. Allow the cashews to cool. Add the cashews to a food processor along with the vanilla extract and process until the mix is smooth and creamy. Spread the cashew butter on top of a piece of whole wheat bread, layer with banana slices, and drizzle with honey. You will feel like you died and went to heaven after your first bite. Enjoy!


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