Blake Lively and I Share A Common Interest

I just love watching Vogue’s 73 question videos with some of today’s most influential and fabulous celebrities. I never really “followed” or knew much about actress Blake Lively, but after watching this I can say that she is amazing! You can just tell how genuine of a person she is and I am so surprised that she and I have one thing in common:  food. The fact that she loves to get in the kitchen and create delicious things such as chocolate soufflé makes me a instant fan.

Many times when we think of celebrities, we think of people who don’t know how to do much of anything for themselves. They have personal trainers, nutritionists, personal chefs, and style assistants at their beckon call. Therefore, seeing or hearing about a celebrity who still knows how to take care of them self and live a somewhat normal life like the rest of us is nice to know. Blake Lively is known for being extremely stylish and playing some big roles in movies like The Town and Green Lantern. She also played in the popular television series Gossip Girl.  Oh yeah, her husband is the sexy Ryan Reynolds. However, she should also be known for her creative baking skills.


Don’t you just love her?


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