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Chicago born, Louisiana raised, now doing big things in Austin, Texas! I’m just a regular girl trying to find my way around this big world. It’s scary and quite exhilarating to be on my own now in a completely new territory. That’s the thing about life… you definitely learn as you go.

So, who am I? I am from a small, one-horse town smack dab in the middle of Louisiana. That town is called Alexandria and if you have never been there, I think you should put it on your bucket list. I’m not kidding. It could do one of two things for you: 1.) make you realize how truly awesome your hometown is or 2.) remind you that good people still exist. I have met some of the most influential and supportive people from that small town I call home. Granted, I have cursed living there several times because I wouldn’t say it’s the best place for young people to explore life, but it definitely gave me the basic principles I needed to move forward and move on.

My dad is from Fullerton, California and my mom is from Munich, Germany. They actually have a humorous and delightful love story I may share with you another time. Everyone always asks why the hell did they end up in Alexandria, Louisiana?! To be honest, I still don’t really know, but I am glad they did. I would not be who I am today if I did not grow up there. My parents are two amazing individuals and I owe the world to them.

After high school, I moved to Lafayette, Louisiana (a big step-up) to attend college at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. These were some of the funnest years I have yet to experience in life. Wednesday night drinking at the Keg on McKinley Street, Thursday morning hangovers, Friday night drinking at the Keg on McKinley Street, Saturday morning hangover followed by another eventful night of drinking and galavanting around town, and a lazy, un-productive Sunday. Don’t worry, this didn’t last for all four years of college. We did eventually grow up a little and get our *beep* together. My college years came with an abundant amount of good and bad times, life-long lessons, and amazing opportunities. One of the amazing opportunities I got was working at a local radio station — 97.3 The Dawg! I had the pleasure of working with some awesome people and being challenged to take on new responsibilities. The two guys I worked closely with at The Dawg taught me so much about work and life. They would always give me a hard time and put me on the spot while we were live on the radio, but it was all in good fun. I miss them so much.

I graduated from UL with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations and a minor in German. Throughout college I always thought about one day attending culinary school. I discovered my love for food and cooking in the beginning of college by experimenting in the kitchen and watching hours upon hours of the Food Network. So, after I graduated from college I thought really hard about whether or not to go to culinary school. I made my decision, said my goodbyes, and packed up.

Now, my kitty and I are living in Austin and completely loving it. Sure, I get homesick here and there, but I know this is where I am meant to be right now in my life. It’s hard to be away from family and friends, and my boyfriend of 8 years andI are having to endure the long-distance relationship thing.  Nonetheless, I am learning new things about myself and about life as each day passes, and it is so amazing. My eyes are open and I am ready and willing to learn, work hard, and be successful.



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