Beauty and Fashion

I always find beauty in things that are odd and imperfect – they are much more interesting.”  -Marc Jacobs

Beauty and fashion have always been very important to me ever since I was a child.  I believe it is important to take good care of yourself because how we treat ourselves now will reflect how we look and feel later on in life.  To me, a perfect example of beauty is my mother.  She is timeless.  She has never been one to wear make-up except for a little eyeliner and lipstick, and she has always lived a fairly healthy and non-complicated life.  She is a frugal lady who would never dream of going out and spending hundreds of dollars on cosmetic surgeries or procedures.  She definitely looks a full decade younger than she is. She is happy with her natural, beautiful self and I think that is just amazing.

I, on the other hand, am a little different when it comes to beauty because unlike my mother, I do like to experiment with make-up and new trends, but I definitely won’t go overboard.  I guess you could say I’m high maintenance in that I like to have my usual manicures and pedicures and I like to buy the best face moisturizer, eye cream, etc.  I am a firm believer in taking precautionary measures with beauty rituals. For example, every night I lather coconut oil on my face because I believe it works wonders and makes my skin feel and look so soft. (You should give it a try!)

I believe beauty on the outside is a clear reflection of what’s on the inside. Beauty is also someone’s humor, talents, creativity, beliefs, knowledge, and kindness.  It is that that connects us to one another.  Relationships and bonds are made through the beauty on the inside.  No matter how “cool” it would be to wake up and look flawless every, single day, I would much rather wake up to be more patient and kind every, single day.  I want to strive to continue building long-lasting relationships and connections with people.  That is beauty.

Fashion can be whatever you want it to be. I don’t think there is one, specific definition to describe it because it means something different to everyone.  For me, fashion equals expression.  It is a way to express yourself through style.  My style is comfortable for me because it suits my personality and who I am.  I couldn’t be able to pull off a style that doesn’t make me feel like myself.  No matter what your style is, rock it.  The world is a great place because it is filled with diversity and people who are willing to express themselves.  Fashion is always changing and evolving; therefore, I believe we should always embrace it.


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