Approved 10 Day Challenge Coffee

Ok, so we are on Day 4 of the 10 Day Challenge. It’s 10 days of no sugar, carbs, alcohol, grains, dairy, etc. Basically, 10 days of anything except protein, certain vegetables and nuts & seeds. In the beginning, I didn’t want to drink any coffee because the only way I thought I could have it is black. And then I remembered…

I remembered that almond/soy/coconut milk is allowed! So even though I couldn’t add any sweetener to my coffee, I could still drink it without it being so bitter. Plus I also found out a creative way to “pretend” that is is sweet.

I simply added a little pinch of ground cinnamon to my coffee and voila! It makes all of the difference with flavor.

Side note: if you are on the 10 Day Challenge or Keto Diet, pay attention to what’s listed in the ingredients. I bought two different dairy free creamers and one of them still had cane sugar in it… which isn’t allowed! So be very careful and always read the ingredients list when on a strict diet/detox like this.



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