A Memorable Bachelorette Trip to Charleston

Oh my goodness gracious! Just getting back from a 4 day bachelorette trip to Charleston, SC and I’m feeling so many emotions: happiness, extreme exhaustion, gratefulness, dehydration, etc. It was such a fun trip with all of my closest girlfriends and my heart is so full with all of their amazing efforts!

I knew I wanted to go to Charleston to celebrate my bachelorette trip because it’s such a historical city with amazing restaurants. I had one main thing on my agenda and that was to eat and laugh. Which we certainly did. But we also did a lot of drinking, as well. Because it’s a bach trip – duh!

We stayed at a cute AirBnb on Spring Street which was only 5 blocks away from King Street where all of the shopping is. The AirBnb was a duplex which was great because we had access to the entire property so if some girls were wanting to stay up late and party, they could do that in one part of the duplex while the other girls were able to get some rest in the other part. It was the perfect set up! Even though mostly all of us stayed up late every night…

My Matron of Honor, Morgan, did such an amazing job with planning every detail. She sent all of the girls a full itinerary a couple of weeks prior to the trip so everyone- except myself- knew what would be happening. When I say she planned every little detail, she even made sure the girls knew they were having cinnamon rolls and bacon for breakfast. She did SO good and I can’t thank her enough for setting it all up! Morgan – you are a rock star!!

We went to some amazing restaurants such as Millers All Day, Le Farfalle, Taco Boy, and Eleve.

Charleston has such a wide variety of restaurants and cuisine and I can’t wait to go back and try other restaurants that we didn’t have time to go to! *If you have any favorites, please let me know!*



Last but certainly not least, my sweet Mitch surprised me with a date for all of us with 15 precious kitty cats at Pounce Cat Cafe & Wine Bar. I literally had no idea he would plan anything like that and I immediately started crying when we walked in… because I love cats (and him) so much!! I mean, how often does one get to walk into a bar that’s filled with cats and meowmosas? Not very often at all.

My liver isn’t happy with me but that’s ok because I’m giving myself another 10 day cleanse so I can get back on track with my health & fitness regimens. This will be the second time I’m participating in a 10 day cleanse and it feels SO damn good once your body is finally rid of all those toxins.

Regardless of drinking and eating too much, I had the best time with my girls and I will forever cherish these memories. Charleston, thanks for welcoming our crazy asses!



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