A Bomb Experience in Brooklyn for BlogHer

I just spent an amazing 2 days in Brooklyn, NY where I attended the BlogHer conference. I can’t explain the level of inspiration and determination I feel since hearing so many wonderful and hard working women share their success stories. I know that I need to take things to the next level which is what I am about to do!

The theme of the entire day at the BlogHer conference was authenticity.

Authenticity is the quality of being authentic, original, genuine, legit, a bona fide hustler (hehe).

 It doesn’t matter what you look like, the expensive camera or video equipment you have, or how many times you get on your knees and pray at night about becoming a full-time, big shot influencer. I mean, I love to pray and believe in the power of prayer, but it takes action with it!

What matters is being truly authentic and real with yourself and your audience. I am learning that it’s important to have my own voice and my own “look.” I don’t want to copy anyone else’s themes or Instagram feed… I want my own, creative look that says JILL!

The BlogHer conference was an all-day affair filled with guest speakers, lots of yummy things to nibble on, delicious cocktails to sip, and so much more.

I was so excited to see some well-known food bloggers/Instagram influencers whom I already follow. Some of the food blogs I recommend keeping up with are DadaEats, The Skinny Pig, Simply Quinoa and Inspiralized. All of these women are so brave and smart and I really admire the consistent effort they put into their blogs, vlogs and social media pages.

I also got to see some of  my favorite ladies who are always on TV – Bethenny Frankel and Sheinelle Jones. As you can imagine, it’s so exciting to see someone in person who you usually see in your living room on your TV screen. Bethenny is Bethenny. She is independent, opinionated, funny, a complete smart-ass and most of all, extremely hard working and successful. Sheinelle Jones wakes me up with the rest of the Today Show crew every morning and she just seems so warm and happy and nice.

Not only did I attend the BlogHer conference, I also got to do a little exploring around Brooklyn and eat some yummy stuff! What’s a vacation/business trip without eating new foods?! I will definitely be back to Brooklyn as soon as I can!





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