5 Ways To Stay Healthy and Active On Vacation

Vacations can really reverse all of the hard work we accomplish in the gym and kitchen while living our day-to-day normal lives. Rightfully so, vacations are a time to slow down, relax, and allow yourself to indulge on good food and alcohol. Unfortunately, the pounds can steadily creep back. These 5 tips will help you on your next vacation when indulgences and distractions sneak up!

Food is my thing. I love all kinds of food, so when I’m on vacation- especially in another part of the world- I want to partake in the different cuisines as much as I can. Even though I work hard on my fitness game and maintaining a healthy diet, I won’t let that stop me from exploring different foods and indulging in all of the new experiences I am presented with. Even though I am staying away from carbs and sugars, I am still enjoying my vacation by eating whatever it is I want… in moderation along with daily exercise.

  1. Continue to work out! Whether it be going for a walk, taking a class, or hitting it hard in the gym for only 30 minutes, you can still keep up with your regular workout routines- even if they have to be condensed or modified. 
  2. Notice what you’re drinking. I love fancy cocktails and what’s better than booze that has already been paid for so you can drink as much as you want? If I want something sweet like an Old Fashioned or French 75, I’ll stick to one or two max. Otherwise, I’m drinking something a little more figure-friendly such as a glass of red wine or flavored vodka with water and lemon.
  3. Don’t load up for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I don’t have a favorite meal of the day because I love all meals of the day, even snacks! So, in an effort to stay on track, I will have a lighter breakfast consisting of an egg white omelet with veggies and ham with fresh fruit. For lunch, I also stick to something light such as a salad with some sort of protein whether it be chicken or salmon. Dinner is the main finale which I want to save my calories for. Also, I’ve learned that eating small portions all throughout the day keeps my weight in check because I’m only eating a little bit at a time and I’m not ever feeling starved. 
  4. Chill out on the sweets. This is super hard, especially right now with the holiday season and being on a luxurious cruise where they literally have cookies and cakes from all over the world. I limit myself to one cookie or sweet treat a day… and that’s if I’m even really craving it. After going without sweets for so long, I’ve almost lost my yearning for them… almost.
  5. Pay attention to your body. If you feel bloated, consider what you’ve consumed lately. Remember, drinking H2O is super important to help flush out toxins and unwanted nonsense in your gut. I recommend drinking a bottle of water first thing in the morning since we are dehydrated when we wake up and remembering to switch between alcohol and water throughout the day.

Above all, enjoy yourself on vacation. We take vacations for a reason- to eat, drink, and relax. Happy Holidays!

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