5 Ways to Stay Cool & Comfortable for Football Season

College & NFL football is back and in full swing! Football reminds me of so many things… lots of booze, good eats, mini skirts & cowboy boots, and tailgating in hot weather. I love everything about it except for the miserable, hot, sweaty weather. It’s funny because us girls will get dolled up and put on an entire face of makeup just to go sweat it all off. Although I can’t change the weather, I can offer some easy ways to stay as cool & comfortable as possible.

Firstly, I understand wanting to look cute which often compromises feeling comfortable. We women don’t wear high heels because they feel good on our feet. We wear them because they make us feel feminine and sexy and confident. I personally don’t like having all of my long, thick hair on my neck and back when it’s 100+ degrees outside, but I love my hair down rather than up. So how do we stay cute, cool & comfortable during the hot, dog days of summer & football tailgating?

Here are my 5 tips to doing so!

  1. Evian Facial Spray. I love this stuff so much! It’s the perfect go-to when you need a little spritz to feel refreshed in seconds. I keep a bottle in my purse so I can use it anytime, anywhere!
  2. Mini fan. I recently purchased this exact mini fan through Amazon and let me tell ya, it’s more powerful that it looks. It’s the perfect size so I keep it in my purse and use it when I’m hot at my office desk or just running around town and need extra air flow on my face and through my hair.
  3. Breathable fabrics. There is a reason why people don’t typically wear velvet or corduroy during the summer months… it’s important to wear breathable fabrics that keep heat away as much as possible. When shopping for the perfect tailgating outfit, I recommend buying fabrics such as cotton, linen, rayon and denim.
  4. Less is more. I’m not talking about running around naked, but white, light clothes clothes bounce off sunlight as opposed to darker colors which suck all of the sunlight in. A light, white t-shirt or top is probably your best bet when outside tailgating in the heat. I recommend opting for shorter dresses and skirts, short sleeve shirts, and breathable, comfortable shoes. I’m a huge fan of Stitch Fix! If you’ve never heard of it, it’s basically like having your own private stylist who is doing all of the shopping for you. You can tell him or her exactly what is you are in need of and BAM, you will have it on your front door! 
  5. Big ass water bottle. Above all, make sure you keep yourself hydrated. Instead of filling up a water bottle or flask with booze, fill it up with actual H2O. I mean… you can still bring the flask with booze but just make sure you are also consuming enough water to stay hydrated and refreshed! I recommend a water bottle that you can cling to your purse or even something that is comfortable around your wrist. These two are my favorites: Collapsible Silicone Water Bottle & LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottles

Don’t worry guys – in a few weeks, it will officially be Fall season and then hopefully a month after the start of Fall, we will actually begin to feel some cool weather come in… especially for the folks in the South!



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