5 Ways To Feel More Confident In A Bikini

Summer doesn’t officially begin until June 20th but that doesn’t mean we can’t start thinking about bathing suit season because that is pretty much upon us. It’s time to start feeling good when we are wearing the bare minimum!

Why is swimsuit season so daunting? Some girls can rock it and I look on Instagram and there are pages dedicated to wearing a bikini every. single. day. Do these people not work? Do they live on a beach? Are they just blessed with amazing figures? Why can’t that be me?!?!

For me, I work in the food industry. This means, I am surrounded by food and alcohol and deliciousness pretty much every. single. day. I have very little self control when it comes to steering clear of yummy foods that are just screaming at me to eat them. I also love my cocktails (or two), especially the ones that have some sort of sweet Bourbon (preferably Bulleit) in them with a fat, juicy cherry. I’m talking about you, Old Fashioned. Those things are my kryptonite.

So, the mission at hand is how can we still feel more confident in a bikini, even when we aren’t exactly rocking a 6 pack and long, lean limbs. If you are in my position, you work a full-time job and you don’t have time to hang out at the yoga or pilates studio all day long while sipping matcha lattes in between classes… sounds nice though, doesn’t it?!

I was recently at the beach with my fiance and his family and I wouldn’t say that I was feeling 100% comfortable wearing a bikini. I try my best to eat healthy and be physically active – especially before vacation – but sometimes, it’s hard to be consistent. I’m really not trying to complain about my figure because for the most part, I am comfortable in my own skin, but like any girl, we can have our insecurities and wearing a skimpy bathing suit can make us more critical of our bodies.

So, I want to share the 5 things that I do to help me feel better in a swimsuit… hopefully it works for you!

  1. Start drinking lots of water. A lot of the time, when we think we have gained weight, it’s actually water weight. This can come from consuming too much alcohol, sodium, and being dehydrated. Our body will hang on to anything it consumes if we don’t have enough water to flush it all out. Drink the water, flush out the toxins. It’s easy!
  2. Start walking. If you have a beach trip or pool party coming up, there may not be enough time to sign up for a boot camp class and look like Jillian Michaels in just a few days. You can, however, simply go for a walk. Power walking works your entire body and everyone can do it. I recommend waking up 30 minutes earlier each morning to go for a morning walk. It’s peaceful, quiet, and a great time to reflect and mentally prepare yourself for the day.
  3. Exfoliate your entire body. Exfoliation is a great way for preventing and treating breakouts and clogged pores. We normally think of exfoliating our face when we think of exfoliation but there is also body exfoliation which works wonders. Body exfoliation is something you can easily do at home by yourself so you aren’t spending an arm and a leg at the spa. You will need a polishing body brush such as this one here. The key to body exfoliating is by working up the limbs towards the heart. Each brush stroke should start at the bottom and go towards the center of your chest- your heart! This helps with blood circulation, smoother skin and improved texture.
  4. Find a swimsuit that actually compliments your body. It’s no secret that every body is different. We have different shapes, sizes, etc. While I was at the beach last week, I visited a local boutique to look at swimsuits and of course, found several I liked. Each one I tried on looked horrible on me. The bottoms made my butt look flat and they just weren’t impressive- especially for how much they cost. Before I felt completely discouraged, I reminded myself that it wasn’t me and it was the fact that I was trying on suits that were not complimentary to my figure. Now, I officially know which suits to always shop for.
  5. Be nice to yourself. No one is perfect. We may see “perfect” bodies but I promise you that the women rocking their perfect bodies have insecurities as well. All I can recommend is that you do your best to stay healthy and fit. It isn’t a quick and easy process, it’s a lifestyle that needs to be adopted.



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