5 Tips for Staying Calm During the Holiday Season

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… that’s what many of you may think once the holiday season has passed.  Let’s not settle for anything but the best.

For some people, the holiday season is the most stressful and chaotic time because there’s always so much to do and so many people to please. Holiday parties at work, holiday parties with friends, holiday parties with family… it can be a lot especially when you’re working a full-time job. This is why I have formulated a plan to help keep myself sane and calm so I can be the most pleasant version of myself… for everyone’s sake.

I love Christmas so much but I would be lying if I said I never get stressed out around this time of year. I’m already a people-pleaser and a perfectionist so when you throw in the chaos of Christmas on top of it, I tend to freak out. Sorry Mitch!

There is always someone to shop for, something to cook, something to decorate, and something last minute to purchase. I’m already busy enough at my job planning other people’s parties for a living so you would think that the last thing I want to do is throw a Christmas party at my house that I have to plan for. When it comes down to it, I do it because I love Christmas and I love to host friends and family at our home. So, in an effort to be as jolly as I can be…

I’ve concocted the perfect plan that I truly believe will help me remain calm. 

  1. Don’t wait until the last minute.

    Procrastinators please read! Life is actually a lot smoother when you are prepared and ready. If you plan on hosting an event or you know that you have to shop for your cousin who you don’t really know but pulled their name in Secret Santa… plan it all out in advance. There’s nothing worse than scrambling at the end. I recommend setting a calendar reminder in your phone so you don’t forget.

  2. Make a to-do list.

    There’s something so satisfying about physically checking things off of your to-do list. I like to write everything on a piece of paper because I’m a little old school (and I have the cutest stationary at home!) but if you prefer to be more tech-friendly, there are so many apps these days for creating the most organized to-do list. I recommend using Do! and Todoist: To-Do List & Tasks.

  3. Create healthy boundaries with loved ones.

    Sometimes family can be a little overbearing and although they may have the best intentions at heart, they can make things worse. I love being around my family during Christmas but sometimes all of the noise and commotion can be a little much. Our family is growing which is obviously a blessing and I wouldn’t have it any other way, but with more people comes more opinions. My advice for surviving all of the family time is to simply take a breather. If you feel yourself starting to become frustrated and irritated, I highly recommend leaving the room and finding a quiet place to yourself. While you are in your quiet place, practice a simple breathing technique… take a deep 4 count breath in, hold for 7 seconds, and exhale for 4 counts. While you are breathing, focus on a phrase or picture in your mind to help you relax. I promise it will work!

  4. Take time for yourself.

    During all of the madness, remember to treat yourself! Go get a massage, get your nails done, buy something for yourself or even take yourself out to a nice dinner. If there’s one thing I know how to do, it’s treating myself. 😉  Sometimes a little TLC is all we need to feel rejuvenated.

  5. Forget about perfection.

    When it all boils down, does the perfectly decorated Christmas tree or strategically placed lights on your front porch really matter? Is it worth losing sleep over? Absolutely not. What’s really important is spending time with those who mean the most to you. I was reading an article on one of my favorite blog sites, Well+Good, and they were giving holiday tips based on zodiac signs. Since I’m a Virgo, it said: “Before you let yourself slip down the rabbit hole of over-analysis or panic, ask yourself: “Does this really matter?” You’d be wise to lighten up and crank up the laughter and happiness in your life.” I think this is true for anyone!

    When all of the craziness is happening around you and you see your dad & grandpa arguing over who gets to carve the turkey, take a minute to note how special and unique this time of the year is. Spending Christmas with family shouldn’t be taken for granted… even if family can be a little bat $h** crazy.

I hope everyone has a wonderful, jolly and stress-free holiday season! Happy Holidays!





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