5 Snacks I Can’t Live Without at Work

I’m definitely a snack person. I’ve always loved snacks and I remember hitting the after school snack bar pretty hard when I was a child. Nowadays, I can’t eat hot fries and starburst and expect to be productive at work… I know, bummer! However, these 5 snacks really satisfy my cravings while ensuring my mind stays focused.

Working in an office has it’s pros and cons. Pros would be the comfort of working indoors, having two computer monitors on my desk, being able to move around freely whenever I need to… and the cons would be being stuck at a desk, staring at computer screens all day, and having a mind that easily wanders to what I can snack on. So, if I’m not prepared with healthy snacks in my desk drawer, the chances of me going downstairs to spend money on chai lattes and not-so-healthy snacks are high.

Snacking is actually beneficial as it prevents overeating when it’s time for the main meals. My 5 healthy snacks keep me satisfied and hold me over until lunch or dinner time. Not to mention, it’s not easy executing a good workout when you have nothing in your stomach.


These are the 5 snacks I can’t live without:

  1. Apples & nut butter. This my newest obsession. I  just love the crunch from the apples with the creamy nut butter.. there’s no better combo (except for a PB&J). I  really enjoy cashew or pecan butter that’s flavored with a hint of vanilla & cinnamon. So good!

  2.  Pistachios. Now, the grocery store offers so many different flavored pistachios. I love the chili lime flavor because it has a little kick to it. Get crackin’, y’all!

  3. Beef Jerky. Just a stick of protein. Sometimes that’s all I need to feel content.

  4. Salted dark chocolate. I have had a sweet tooth as long as I can remember. It usually strikes after I’ve eaten lunch or around 3pm when I’m in need of a pick-me-up. I’m not crazy about dark chocolate all by itself which is why I prefer the sea salted version. Good thing is that dark chocolate is loaded with antioxidants and science has proven that cocoa can actually improve cognitive brain function. Who would’ve thought?!

  5. RX Bars. Hands down the best bar out of the zillion that are out there. What’s not to love about these guys? They are simply delicious and really help when my 3pm sweet tooth hits. I’m obsessed with the peanut butter & berries flavor. It’s as close as I  can get to eating a real PB&J.

    What are your favorite snacks?

Happy Wednesday!


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