2020 Goals

8 days into the New Year and I’m finally posting… work has been so busy lately and I feel like I’m neglecting the one thing that makes me so happy:  blogging! This post is about my 2020 goals and everything I truly wish to accomplish this year. Keep reading for all of the positive, optimistic vibes.

2019 was filled with lots of beautiful and adventurous moments but I must admit, the end of 2019 was a little stressful for me. Perhaps it was the busy holiday season and trying to find a smooth transition from end of the year to beginning of a new year with work… Maybe it was the stress that comes with being under one roof with family members for 5 days…Or maybe it was me just over-analyzing things as I normally do and trying to self reflect on the past year without being too harsh or critical on myself.

Whatever it was, I felt a little lost towards the end of 2019 but I’m feeling much better now that I have clear goals in mind and I’m setting boundaries for myself.

Mitch and I sat down before the New Year to discuss our goals for 2020. I think goals sound better than unattainable resolutions… don’t you agree? Not to sound negative but many of us go hard in January with not drinking a sip of alcohol, only eating keto-friendly foods, hitting the gym 5 days a week, etc. and then by mid February, we’re falling off the resolutions bandwagon. I don’t want to fall off anything much less my resolution list of being a better person. We all want positive change and that’s wonderful because if we remain complacent and live a stagnant life, nothing will happen for us; however, we can’t expect to make monumental changes in such a short amount of time. This is why I’m calling my resolutions goals.

Goal:  something that happens as a consequence; outcome. Goals take time and perseverance.

I want to share my list of goals because I want to put them out to the universe so I can make myself more accountable. Here they are:

  1. Practice gratitude. It’s so important to take into consideration what we are thankful for each & every day. I want to cultivate my gratitude so I can be a better person and really show my appreciation towards the people and things that help me live the life I  am living. A good way to practice gratitude is by thinking of 3 things you are grateful the minute you wake up. Don’t look at your phone first! Simply think about those 3 things and your day will be so much more fulfilling.

  2. Blog more. Working on my little blog makes me so happy- I  can’t even describe the feeling. Cooking and take pictures of food and then blogging about it lights a fire deep inside of me. 🙂 We should always make more time for hobbies.
  3. Be more money conscientious. I know this one will be hard for me. I like to spend money on going out to eat, groceries for cooking experiments, and shoes, of course. I need to learn that it’s OK to look without impulse purchasing. Ugh this will be hard…
  4. Read at least 4 books. That’s one book each season. Sounds so simple but sometimes after a long day when I’m super tired, it’s easier to veg out in front of the TV than stimulate my mind with reading. Reading is a wonderful practice and super helpful for the vocabulary. Let’s start reading, people!
  5. Go on one date per month with Mitch. I’m talking a real date where we put our phones away and really talk and listen to each other. I want to keep continuing to build our relationship and create an even stronger bond than we already have.

Creating goals is the perfect way to cultivate certain things you may want out of life. If you don’t reach your goal it doesn’t mean that you failed. Don’t worry about the time frame of completion. Just simply start and see where your goals take you.

Happy 2020!



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