2019 is going to be the best yet!

Happy New Year! It’s been such a whirlwind the last two weeks with traveling for Christmas, wrapping up the year with work, and celebrating New Years with friends. Things are finally starting to feel a tad bit normal again as I get back into my regular routine. As I reflect on 2018, I can’t help but think of how fortunate I am and how excited I am for 2019.

Odd years haven’t always been my family’s favorite. Most of the unfortunate occurrences such as grandparents passing away, pets passing away, relationships ending, etc have happened during an odd year. However, I am super duper happy to say that I have a feeling this year will be different.

Firstly, I’m getting married this year! I can’t believe the time has come for me to be a bride. Something I think every girl has always imagined once or twice…

I will be turning 29, getting married to my best friend, celebrating my mom’s 60th birthday, and attending several events with most of my very special friends… all in 2019!

I wanted to share some pictures of the last two weeks during Christmas and New Years celebrations.

I look forward to keeping my blog up-to-date with more recipes and health posts this year!

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